Monday, July 10, 2006

American Consulate Honoring the GIs

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French Military In Dress For the Commemoration

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Familes of Fallen GIs Honored Their Lost Ones

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Interviews for the French Media

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Rembermbering where they fought, were caputured, escaped and died

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A Gift of an American Flag

The co-founder of Thanks GIs, is given an American Flag that was flown over the US Capital as a gift of thanks for her passionate rememberance of the GIs who fought, died and liberated her town. Posted by Picasa

Founder of Thanks GIs

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The Returniong War Heros

The old GIs were presented with gifts, asked for autographs, and loved by this warm ally. Posted by Picasa

General Lemon, Ret. and Leon Weiss

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GI Leon Weiss

GI Leon Weiss contemplating the losses Posted by Picasa


Names to be added of these two heros. Posted by Picasa

General Lemon

General Lemon, Ret. who was the Colonel in command of the attack telling his recollections to Dana, my wife. Posted by Picasa

The Missing Man Formation

The Frech Air Force in their missing soldier formation flew over the ceremony. Posted by Picasa

The French Tribute

French soldiers commemorating the lost GIs and the survivors Posted by Picasa

GI Leon Weiss

One of th esurvivors, Leon Weiss, my father, surounded by the young french men. Posted by Picasa